Building Lease Plans

Floor Space Plans for Building Leases

office floor plan for lease documentation

Building Lease Plans generally provide documentation as part of a Tenant Lease Agreement and show the Rentable Square Footage (RSF) of an office suite or set of suites. Building Lease Plan is also a built floor plan that documents and showcases improvements that were made to an existing space or office suite.

We recommend these Plans always be prepared by a professional knowledgeable in architectural field measuring in case of tenant-landlord disputes or to avoid errors in documenting space boundaries or overall square footage. The completed Building Lease Plan can be a scaled Space Plan or a scaled Architectural Floor Plan.

A well-prepared Building Lease Plan will provide trustworthy documentation, reduce conflicts, help comply with local ordinances, and may shorten the vacancy time for a non-lease space or office suite.

We also prepare Building Lease Plans to service as a marketing floor plan for the Listing Broker.

Download our Building Lease Plan flyer.