Field Measuring

Taking Field Measurements

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Field Measuring is the first step to provide the foundation for a Space Plan.

During Field Measuring the architect verifies the existing perimeter wall and windows, interior walls, doors, millwork, building core elements and column locations.

Valuable Field Measurement Data Prevents Errors in Space Planning

Field measuring is a vital step to avoid unforeseen space planning problems when reusing parts of the existing floor plan, such as identifying blockages such as columns or other protruding elements in the space, or uneven surfaces that preclude using that space as intended. Field Measuring can mitigate any potential hazards or conflicts early in the design process.

Field Measuring encompasses existing wall finish and floor finish for use in the construction documents as well as existing Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), and Fire Protection locations.

Identify Usable Square Footage

Field Measuring for lease space helps verifies the usable square footage (USF) of the office suite for the building owner which can be used to determine the rental square footage (RSF).

Download our Field Measuring flyer.